PK Design Lab Pocket Burner PK-PL2

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Product Description

Output / Runtime - White Light
High / 110+ Lumens 1.2 hours, Low / 12+ Lumens 12.4 hours
Switching : Bezel Rotation On / Off - High / Low, 10 seconds auto reset back to high
LED : CREE XP-G R5 chip - Intense clean White light / 6,500°K. chromaticity color
Optic : Aerospace high grade aluminum 6061 Series CNC mill machined then vacuum metal coated for optimum reflective surface
Body & Bezel Structure : Aerospace high grade aluminum 6061 Series CNC mill machined
Body & Bezel finish : Electro polished then PVD (Physical vapor deposition) coated  Black / PVD Titanium dioxide Rainbow (TiO2)
Silver version is Electropolished then clear passivated only.
Window : borofloat glass - grinded - tempered - Anti Reflective (AR) coated both sides
Mechanical Reverse polarity protection
Weatherproof : O-rings & gasket sealed - IPX8 (ANSI/NEMA FL1, 2009 Standard) 
Bezel Diameter : 0.6 inches
Flashlight Length : 3.2 inches
Weight wo/Batteries :    0.9 ounces
Fuel : 1 x AAA cell - not included
Removeable Non-corrosive Stainless Steel Keyring included
Super efficient CREE XP-G R5 chip LED emitter to maximize light output
Powered by Constant Current (CC) regulated electronic circuit for efficient and constant light output and runtime
Two light output levels - high for maximum light and low for extended runtime
Precision mill machined & orange peel finished aluminum reflector creates smooth wide optimized beam pattern for close illumination
Borofloat glass grinded, tempered window resists impact and thermal shock, and AR coated for maximizes light transmission
Extreme light output w/ultra compact size illumination tool
Simple intuitive  and fail-proof user interface switching - rotate bezel for High & Low light output
Convinient compact design for ease of one-hand minuplulation
High-strength aerospace grade aluminum body structure, PVD (Physical vapor deposition) coating extreme ultra durability
Patent-pending unique ergonomic design, anti-slip functions in sleek style
* Warning!  This light gets HOT very fast.
Not recommended for constant ON use.
Model : PK-PL2-SV (Silver)
PK-PL2-BK (Black)
PK-PL2-TiO2 (Rainbow)
Brown Box with clear see-thru window
White marking & Black color UPC code label
Width : 2.0” / 50.0 mm
Highth : 1.2“ / 31.2 mm
Length : 5.9” / 150.0 mm
Weight : 1.7 Ounce / 48 gram
PK DESIGN LAB offers a One-Year Warranty on products that are faulty,
damaged or fail due to normal usage, Products that are in any way altered
and/or disassembled by the consumer, other than by battery
removal and/or exchange, or used in a manner that is beyond reasonable or
the intended use are not covered by warranty.
Unscrew the bezel (head) from the body and insert new battery (battery not included)
Twist out bezel long enough to prevent accidental activation
Clean the threads and oil the O-ring to maintain fine operations
Recommend Energizer®  Lithium AAA 1.5V High Energy Lithium e2 Battery
For repair or replacement contact your dealer  /  US 1-213-805-5511
This light gets HOT very fast. Do not recommend for constant ON use for long duration.
This product produce substantial heat during operation, Do not leave activated flashlight unattended.
Immediately remove batteries when they have lost all power. Leaving the batteries in the unit for a long time
may cause the batteries to leak fluid, overheat or explode due to gas that is generated by the batteries.
Remove the batteries from the unit when not using the unit for an extended period of time.
The batteries may leak fluid, overheat or explode due to gas that is generated by the batteries.