YEAR 1987 -

Situated at the heart of Hong Kong’s renowned shopping area, Mongkok, Supreme Co was founded in 1987, with outdoor and military hobbyists as primary target clientele, providing products like : Knives, Flashlight, Military Clothing, Tactical Gears and Gun Holsters.

YEAR 1988 -

Supreme Co expanded and became wholesaler of several branded outdoor and survival products, directly importing from manufacturers of different countries. Supreme Co also became the main supplier to various Hong Kong Government Law Enforcement departments, and proudly the first company to introduce Surefire, the World’s No. 1 professional flashlight into the Hong Kong market.
In addition, Supreme Co has became the major supplier in local market for antique and collectable swords and knives. Series of local media interviewed the store over the years.

YEAR 1989 -

The first Hong Kong company which imported leather holster (Galco and Bianchi) and gun belt for the Hong Kong Police officers. A new shopping spot for the Hong Kong Police officer for their duty gear.
With unique product category positioning and promotional strategies, Supreme Co raised public interest to a new plateau about “Knives”, which further secure its distributorships representing many renowned overseas manufacturers. This effectively completed the complete product range to satisfy all sorts of customer needs.

YEAR 1994 -

Supreme Co. starts the concept of shooting enthusiasts' favorite shopping spot. Started importing airsoft gun accessories, protective gear, eyewear and distributed to local Hong Kong retail outlets. Supreme Co. started to supply law enforcement gears to the China market as a market-leading pioneer.

YEAR 1995 -

Supreme Co moved to a much more spacious showroom and larger office to facilitate the operation more effectively, at the heart of local shopping area.

YEAR 1996 -

Hong Kong Airsoft Shooting Association is established. It is fully supported and sponsored by Supreme Co.
Supreme Co secured sole distributorship for all SureFire Products in the Asia Pacific Region.

YEAR 1998 -

Supreme Co was the Top Three International Distributor for SureFire.  Supreme Co. aggressively expanded the re-export wholesale business across the Asia market.

YEAR 2000 -

From 2000 to 2001, the Internet connected Supreme Co to its customers globally. Strategically located as gate to China, supported by our well-trained trilingual staff, Supreme Co marched into this substantial market with new strategic business focuses.

YEAR 2004 -

With solid business growth and market recognition, Supreme Co has started Exclusive Distributorship from 5.11 Tactical Series of full product lines to the Asian market. The company decided to facilitate and accommodate such enormous growth with an ambitious plan to expand with modern and updated facility for local market as well as Asia market.

YEAR 2005 -

Supreme Co opened its administrative office and showroom in Dongguan, China, in order to serve our Chinese law-enforcement agencies and dealers, with better hospitality and more effective services closer to market.

YEAR 2007 -

Debut match of the 5.11 Challenge Airsoft IPSC was launched, fully sponsored by Supreme Co. It is the first themed shooting match of the local shooting competition match. Supreme Co. is authorized by Leatherman, the US No. 1 multi-tool brand, as the exclusive distributor of Hong Kong and Macau SAR Regions. Through the strong regional network of Supreme Co in all P.R. China, Supreme distributed Leatherman products to the greater China market as well.

YEAR 2008 -

A new showroom at Mongkok was opened with more spacious display and specialized areas for different product categories, with a more professional shopping environment to serve the vast range of retail and wholesale customers in the region. Taking part in the Law Enforcement Exhibition in Beijing, China. Supreme Co scaled up its marketing and promotion efforts and a substantial market presence and awareness were achieved in a short period of time. A ground-breaking series of 5.11 Tactical SMU (Special Make-up) products were first introduced to the Asia market, with partnership of 5.11 Tactical for its special design, exceptional quality and unique features, bringing the market outstanding product benefits that other brands could not.

YEAR 2009 -

Supreme Co further substantiated its market leader position, with the new showroom and ever expanding mainland China business. Introduced more new brands this year to further modernized our customers and law enforcement departments. Marketing department of Supreme Co. further developed in response to the market development of both print & online media, with social media & networks as the prime drivers. The expanded team then contemplated & launched comprehensive brand campaigns for numerous US brands with fabulous promotional results in reaching new consumer segments.

YEAR 2010 -

After three years of planning, the outstanding SMU (Special Make-up) products, 5.11 Photo series was introduced to the market with very good response. Supreme Co. sponsored and supported major wargame events in Hong Kong and Thailand. More new brands were introduced into Asia, all of these great product lines bring new demand to fuel the growth of Supreme Co. Supreme Photography Classroom is established under the full support of Supreme Co. It is served as the Supreme Co.’s own photo studio to provide high quality pictures for marketing and advertisement use.

YEAR 2011 -

Being the Exclusive sponsor for the world first Level III Action Air (Airsoft IPSC) match in the Philippines, in collaboration with 5.11 Tactical, made a great success of the event that was recognized worldwide by the shooting community. As the industry leader, Supreme Co. pioneered the use of social media like facebook Page and Supreme's blog, enabling instant access to the latest updates & enhanced connection and interactions between the company and her fans. As the major player in the Asian market, Supreme Co supports a vast range of government and law enforcement agencies by introducing even more new brands to Asia.

YEAR 2012 -

Supreme Co. revamped its corporate website and putting more concise and handy product information and company updates for its customers. And Supreme is working with more and more US law enforcement equipment makers to develop better and practical equipment for civilian usage.