Mystery Ranch

Dana has been a leading designer in the backpacking industry for more than 30 years, beginning as a repair tech in gear shops - often improving the packs in the process! He went on to create Dana Design, a company whose packs still are recognized for their ruggedness and breakthroughs in load carrying technology. K2 Corporation bought Dana Design in 1995 and Dana formed Mystery Ranch in 2000 to further hone his design skills and to satiate his need to tinker with packs.

Dana's design philosophy is simple: make exceptionally comfortable, incredibly durable packs for people who depend on their gear. And keep in mind that those people will probably be carrying very, very heavy loads and odd-shaped items: skis, hunting rifles, even military radio equipment.

Easier said than done, but Dana works hands-on with Mystery Ranch designs every day, striving to bring his philosophy to each new pack. That requires constant innovation, fresh thinking and a willingness to try new techniques, materials and technology. For feedback on his innovations, Dana relies on the Mystery Ranch crew and other pack users who use our gear in the most extreme conditions imagineable.